Teaching each other
Oct 2010 30

On Tuesday in our Hebrews study we saw that Christian maturity is evidenced by not only a teachable but also a teaching spirit. The more we understand the Gospel, the more we understand that we have received the word just as much for the benefit of others as for ourselves. Christian maturity then is seen more clearly in the way we know and tell the Gospel than in good works (which can be faked). Of course, this does not mean maturity is not seen in good works, only that a concern for speaking words of truth to one another is a more clear indication than good works in an of themselves.

A dear brother who was first taught the gospel by a Greek believer is now teaching us! Check out this great quote he posted on Facebook, which also serves as a preview for this week’s sermon:

The irony of the gospel is that we truly perform better when we focus less on our performance for Jesus & more on Jesus’ performance for us

O Church Arise
Oct 2010 23

A helpful quote to summarise the application of the recent sermons we have had on the subject of the church is the following from modern hymn-writer Keith Getty reflecting on his song “O Church Arise” ( Full extract and free song download here ):

“The overall impact of the song, however, is a call to action not merely as individuals but as His Bride, the Church.”

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